Loving spring break



I amĀ  totally new to this whole blogging life. I am SO not a teckie. I don’t even know how to spell teckie. That’s how bad it is. This will be a blog about my classroom and teaching, so I hope that works for all of you.

It’s our first day of spring break and it-is-awesome!! Even though, really all we’re doing is doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping. But who doesn’t like staying up late and sleeping in??!! And a leisurely morning of coffee and the newspaper is good enough for me right now!

But if you’re in school this week and need some free Easter stuff, check out my freebie at TPT.

Also, I should mention, I’m not a “kiddos” person. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! (I just aged myself with my Seinfeld reference, there, didn’t I?) I don’t call my students “kiddos”, I probably won’t call you my sweet friends, and I need 4-5 cups of coffee a day to function on the same level as some of the rest of you. And even at that, it’s a stretch. I’m not trying to mock those of you who are “kiddos” people, I’m actually in awe of you and your enthusiasm. I’m just sayin’- that’s not me. I don’t want to disappoint if you’re after a “inright-outright-upright-downright-happy-all-the-time”. I’m more of a self-depricating, sarcastic gal. But I love reading all your blogs and have learned so much from you guys, so thank you!!!!!!